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Endless Defense Loot Idea!


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Hello forums, its me, Divinebovine. Been a while yes? Anyway!



I have an idea I'd like the community to take a look at for making Endless Defense a bit more compelling. In the sense that it would reward higher level runs, instead of the common  do 5 waves get loot do 5 waves again scenario.


As we know, the endless Defense loot tables are based percentages!


My Idea would be as follows.


Let us take, for example, made up percentages and loot tables for this particular math thingy.


20% mod A


20% mod B


20% mod c


20% mod d


annnndd 20% F to screw people around with.




So you've Reached wave 5, you get the option of taking Mod A or continuing. Normally, ModA would return to the loot pool for the next wave.


MY Idea is to take Mod A out of the pool and apply its percentages evenly to the rest of the loot pool!



So it would now look like.



25% Mod B


25% Mod C


25% Mod D


25% Mod F



So you make it to wave ten, and you get mod F. This go around, Mod F is taken out of the pool, but mod A is put back in.  It goes like this on and on until the mission ends and Standard loot percentages are placed back.




and thats my idea :D

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