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custom K-drive won't appear in vehicle section of arsenal


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so I bought a daily special K-drive from the ventkids, I can ride it just fine, and it appeared in the vehicle section a couple times before, but more often than not, the section for K-drives under the archwing arsenal options won't even appear. Relogging doesn't fix the issue and I'm not even sure how I got it to appear in there the few times that it did actually appear, so I can't add any mods to my K-drive since the section to do anything with it just won't appear. Any help is appreciated.

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I can confirm this problem.

After one of the latest update or hotfix the K-Drives are missing from my Arsenal.

I built two of them, both are still in my inventory. I tried to verify the download cache already, to no avail.

Running on Windows 10, DirectX11.

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