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Tyl Regor Assassination bug


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While running Tyl Regor assassination missions I encountered a bug were at a distance Tyl didn't have any animations and would rapidly disappear and reappear a short distance away instead of walking. While he was like this his hit box was also broken as bullets would pass through him without hitting him but I could still apply Saryn's spores to him. But if I got close enough to him, a few meters, he would fix and everything would be normal until I got further away again and he'd break like before. I ran the mission three times and this happened every time, but on the third time he left the boss arena and never returned while the door remained locked, forcing me to quit the mission. He left the arena after I put him in phase 2 like normal but after returning he left the arena again before I did enough damage to start phase three. At first, I could see his way-point on my mini-map out side the entrance to the arena but after a few minutes I could no longer see it. I waited about 5 minutes before quitting the mission as he never returned.

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