basically adding some base-armour shredding mechanics to ground AWW (either new mods, new base stats or new built in passives etc), here's some of my thought on it: - can be powerful but non-gamebreaking, a definitive power source - super easy to implement (code is already there). - it's a system players are already familiar with. - potentially stands out from the current weapon system, if DE wish, "Not just another primaries players can use" - hugely reduce the messy stats-rebalance of AWW that it's currently in (ofc caused by armour scaling) which leads to... - no longer bipolar in terms of damage, where it's op enough for a nerf at lv20 but crap enough for a buff long before even sortie lv - actual 'AWW YEA' moment regarless of what content you doing Personally i think this way they fit more in the sense of heavy weapons with heavy hitting, and would be more reasonable for the usage limits (ie ammo & cooldowns), and with the reduction on pure stat balances such as raw dmg boost, the AWW would only become stronger as the player progress through the game just as any other gears. there's probably more i could list or talk about. but what you guys think, yay or nay?