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Corvas charged shot recoil is really inconsistent


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So, the Corvas has a recoil animation when you fire a charged shot, but here's the catch, it only has the recoil on some frames, not all of them, for example, my Rhino suffers(and I do mean suffers) the recoil, but my Zephyr just laughs it off, Atlas scoffs at the recoil as one might expect from him(midair too, so it's not just his passive) but Mag gets a big old kick in the shoulder, glad I can avoid dealing with the awful recoil by playing certain frames, but since it's inconsistent, I can only assume it's a bug.

I'm hoping the recoil gets removed from all frames, because even though the animation looks really nice, it just gets in the way of gameplay and makes using my giant space shotgun less satisfying.

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