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Gara's Splinter Storm and Mass Vitrify Bug


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It's happened to me quite a bit but it happened a lot today. When using Gara's Splinter Storm or Mass Vitrify, it does the animations and all, but the ability doesn't actually activate. Since those 2 abilities synergies with each other, it's very frustrating when it just doesn't work and ruins what I've built up.

Mass Vitrify would "seem" as though its working as intended but unless you're monitoring your ability cooldowns 24/7 you won't notice it's the glitch until you use your 1st ability, where you can't break it and a phantom wall is just there. 

Same with Splinter Storm, it'd work for a few seconds both visually and audibly but a second later, your armour is back intact like nothing ever happened. 

I understand this could be a ping issue, but 1) When I was playing today, I had a comfortable ping (80) and 2) even if it was ping, I always use my 4th to refresh my 2 when there's 5-7 secs left. But here's the thing again, unless you're monitoring your cooldowns 24/7, you won't notice when the bug is happening. And a fully extended wall could be enough time for her armour to run out of time.

Another Note: Did they change how Gara's Mass Vitrify interacts with nullifiers? I remember before, her wall would still form but the section that touches the nullies breaks. BUT now, the whole wall breaks and it'll auto re cast the ability. Is this a bug as well or an intentional change?

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Also depends on how fast you cancel your 4. As you said depending on ping it may need a bit to refresh Splinter. Only had it a couple of times that i couldnt hit the wall with lash, but also can' reproduce it.

As for the nullies, also noted it yesterday that the whole Glass disappeared instead of your the element it came in contact with. (When already casted)

If you are casting Vitrify and it comes into contact, then it (afaik) always just canceled your cast and no wall stayed. Often you try to stop extending it to not it let come in contact, but at the same time it cancels due to contact and you begin recasting it.

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This has been happening to me for a long time.  It never happens when I am playing alone. It only happens when playing with others.  I have noticed it it more prevalent when you try to quick cast the 4 by tapping it and almost immediately tapping it again, normally that would get you a very small Mass Vitrify to break with your 1 for the refresh but it pops out at almost a full size (big clue it didn't work). I have found when I am having these issues with it I have to press 4 and let it form for a bit and then press 4 again to let it stop and it seems to work.

Haven't noticed any changes with nullifiers yet but as they are the bane of my existence I usually take them out the second I see them with my Hystrix.

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