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infested missions


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Alright, I'm coming back from a bit of a brake, after burning myself out trying to farm for completing the hema research in my dojo. That being said, I kind of figured by now, someone would have adjusted/fixed the drop tables.

When I first started playing, mutagen samples would drop during infested missions, any infested missions. Now, except for the rare sample found when farming for the harrow systems; another item that needs its drop chance adjusted considering that people are starting to say it's either bugged or impossible to get without spending plat.

Except for the rare sample, which I've found once, and what I sometimes get from extractors, you can only find them in derelict missions.

Come on, infested are specialty enemies. If oxium ospreys can drop oxium, infested should drop samples. They did when i started playing. I don't remember when they stopped doing that, but considering how many samples you need in total to complete dojo research, something that only goes up with more members, they should have a chance of dropping them.

honestly, if i hadn't put so much time into researching everything for my own clan, i'd consider jumping ship. A minimum of 5000 mutagen samples, when there is only one clan member. Even if i increased that to the max without changing the clan type, that would still be 5000 samples, with the only place to farm them being derelict missions.

On a side note, they really do need to do something about farming harrow systems. I've had an easier time farming one specific corrupted mod, then I have in finding the harrow systems. And there are over 20 with an equal chance of each dropping.

This feels like a rant more then anything. Sorry about that.

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