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Idea For The Ignis


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I know you all are considering a complete overhaul of the damage system but I wanted to throw this out there for the Ignis as a basic principle for rebalancing the weapon no matter what happens.


Most people complain about the base damage of the weapon, but IMO that is not the problem.


This gun needs to do AoE.  That is the whole reason to have a flame thrower.  Not that we are talking real life here but the flame thrower in WWII was used as a bunker clearer.  When you shoot this thing it should have an AoE cone that is more similar to the shot guns. but that does full damage within its radius rather than the pellet effect of the shotties.  If you did this, there would be no need to buff it's damage except to maybe 150.  People screaming for 200 base damage don't realize this is a Mastery 4 weapon.  But scaling aside, common sense dictates that flames spewing forth from a weapon such as this would not be confined to laser precision....

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