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Toroids (or x systems) instead of Debt-Bonds from Profit-Taker


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To start off, I'd like to say some of the changes and additions in the Profit-Taker battle are welcoming and appreciated. One that thing sets me off however, is debt-bonds being awarded from the battle. Yes, it is stated that it is a guaranteed drop which allows you to hoard it all you like for free standing, but two things that makes this reward comparably redundant to a Mythril Sword dropping from Omega MK XII (Hey, both are spider bosses with asinine laser attacks too!).

  1. By the time you're eligible to fight the Profit-Taker, you're at the HIGHEST rank with Solaris United (Old Mate).
  2. Ticker providing said rewards, with credits being easily obtainable from quick Index Endurance runs.

It's also bewildering to know that in its current state, only 1000 standing (that doesn't even go to Vox Solaris) with a single reward is given to players for the entire stage itself a la sortie-style rewards (without the daily limit, of course).

It is a mission type that should contribute solely to progressing your ranks within Vox Solaris alone, not unlike Tridolon hunt efforts going to The Quills only. 

In my humble opinion, it's much fitting to have the Profit-Taker drop random 2-3 Toroids (Vega, Sola, Calda) along with a guaranteed [insert name] systems (Gyromag, Atmo, Repeller) with the debt-bonds being removed from the drop table. Makes the battle a whole lotta worthwhile considering the trouble you'd have to go through to even reach there. 

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I like the idea and agree wholeheartedly, I would like to see that 1000 standing actually go to Vox Solaris instead of Solaris United, we already have many ways to get standing with SU but very few with Vox Solaris and those few require the basic toroids which are also required for quite a few crafting items.

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