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[Suggestion] Raw damage taken stat?


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Specifically, I'm referring to the end-of-match "Damage Taken" stat, which I find to be quite insufficient. For one, the current breakdown seems to count only damage actually taken to health or shields, disregarding damage absorbed by abilities or resisted by armour. This creates odd results like a Rhino tanking for his team having supposedly taken 0% of all damage or a high-armour built Inaros somehow managing to take less damage than, say, a Mag constantly regenerating her non-damage-resistant shields. For another, the % breakdown doesn't really tell the full story. I try to play tank for my team and redirect as much damage as I can onto myself, so I'm obviously going to consume the bulk of the damage.

As such, I recommend a new damage taken stat called "Raw Damage Taken." This would list the sum of all damage that actually hit me regardless of whether I redirected it onto other enemies, blocked it with my weapon, absorbed it via armour, took it on my Iron Skin or avoided it in whatever other way. And yes, for the keen-eyed among you, that would be the rough equivalent to Overwatch's "Damage Blocked" stat. As I said, I try to play tank when teaming and I'd like to have some explicit metric by which to judge my own performance in this regard, both in terms of tanking and in terms of what kind of heat I can survive.

To be honest, the whole design of the post-game stats kind of irks me. The % of team value seems to suggest that I should be competing with my team for either the highest or lowest value (depending on the stat) when what I really want is to compete with myself and improve my own performance. I know that stats like damage dealt, damage taken, pick-ups and such are going to vary WILDLY between missions. The Orokin faction is always going to do a lot more damage to me than, say, Infested of the same level, but I'd still rather have an idea of what my actual metrics were, rather than a % stat which tells me... Honestly very little.

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