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Tombfinger Kitgun has Unusually Low Damage Values on High RoF Grips


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Since Update 24.0.2, the intended base damage value on the Gibber grip with Tombfinger was 84.

This has been broken since Update 24.0.7. Previously, the Tombfinger and Catchmoon were bugged and would have a damage value of Gibber on the Ramble. After 24.0.7, the Catchmoon was brought in line but the Tombfinger values for Ramble and Gibber became erroneously low at 60 and 36, respectively. 

Given the Tombfinger's fire rate and lower recoil on fast grips, I personally wanted to try out a high rate of fire Tombfinger. However, the damage values are so low for its rate of fire that it's not even worth building in comparison to a Haymaker or Lovetap.

I have been trying to bring attention to this bug for over a month and it seems to have slipped through the cracks every time, so I am hoping this thread will gain some traction so it may be fixed.

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