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4 Cursed Places Of Orokin Tower


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These places cursed. My notebook is not a top but these lags really annoying.


1. That tree drops my fps from 40 to 16

2. Hall with a secret chamber behind waterfall  (secret place). from 40 to 19
3. Again. Trees kills my video card
4. And the winner! Big hall with 3 floors and 4 buttons. That damned hall drop fps from 40 to 6!!! Is that normal? I have never seen more places like these. 
Do something with this plz
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I Remember back in the days of drunk warframe, and the guys said that the game runs smooth on any system even their 7 year old p.o.s.  They praised the game for it's attention to detail and great optimization. Lately they have been lacking severely in the optimizations.


I could no longer run the game in 64bit without the fps dropping to around 15-20 and i'm a 64-bit system... so i don't know what they have done to the engine since the last 9.5 update.

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