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Sawgaws hunting collision problems and some other bugs


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Hello, last night I spent the better part of my night hunting for Sawgaws and encountered various collision bugs with them that made the experience rather frustrating at times. I wish I ahd taken screenshots of the situations but it didn't cross my mind until this morning.

  1. When hitting a Sawgaw directly with Ivara's sleeping arrow (to achieve a perfect capture) the Sawgaw would glitch through the mushrom it was standing on and end up either inside the mushrom mesh, or floating mid-air below the mushroom. Both of these cases made the sleeping Sawgaw impossible to rescue.
  2. If you hit a Sawgaw mid-air with either the tranq riffle or Ivara's sleeping arrow they will, most of the time, fall asleep mid-air and stay floating there until they wake up. No matter what I tried, you can't call down the drone for rescue if the bird is floating mid-air.
  3. This one wasn't that common (Only happened to me twice in the entire night) but sometimes the bird will spawn and just stay flapping it's wings while hovering in the spot it spawned on. The first time this happened to me I was able to hit it with the tranq riffle and it plometed to the ground which made it possible to capture it. The second time it happened it just floated mid-air as described in the last point.


Hope this is helpful


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