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Well, seeing as how you get 50% damage per level when you use at least 100 energy (at max 200%) it depends on what you do with it. Seeing as how it does the bonus damage on the next attack (charged, normal, or slam down) I'd  said it varys. If you want maximum damage, make sure that your next attack is the best one you can do, such as after using saryn's contagion or ash/loki's invisibility (after you've already spent the 100 energy). Also, streamline does affect how much energy you need, meaning that your ult would not give maximum damage (because you need at least 100 energy used to make it reach the maximum damage, and seeing as how streamline makes you use less energy...) 

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As Trinity, It's always charged, so 7 points for 200 damage is a nice trade for me personally.


Plus it makes your weapon glow, and glowing stuff is +1,000 style points.

I noticed only user sees the glow :( 


I was so bummed when I realized this. No one sees the cool night-light on my melee.

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