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Login Failed. Check your Info.



I was playing Waframe just fine for HOURS today and it was getting kinda stuttery, so I decided to restart.  However, upon logging back in I am receiving the error, "Login Failed.  Check your Info." 

I tried three different internet connections including a VPN, restarting Waframe, restarting Steam, restarting my computer...nothing.  I can log in to Waframe.come just fine.

Yes, naturally I made sure my caps lock was not on.

What's going on and how do I fix this??

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It is now the next day here, Warframe launcher successfully downloaded and installed the hotfix, and I am still receiving the same error.

Is this just me?

I have at this point submitted a support request, but if anyone has any idea in the meantime they are quite welcome.

So anyone reading this can be updated on my situation, here is my support ticket to DE:



Hello. Yesterday I had been playing Warframe for several hours with no trouble. The game was beginning to stutter a bit so I thought closing it down and reopening it might fix it, however, when I attempted to reopen it I received the error, "Login Failed. Check your Info."

My login information is correct, typed multiple times that day and today, so even if I made a typo once I definitely didn't the other times.

Caps lock is off.

I tried THREE different internet connections including a VPN, this did not solve the problem either.

There is no trouble with my firewall and I have used two different routers so the router is not the problem.

Warframe launcher successfully downloaded the Hotfix this morning, but I am still receiving the same error.

This is very troubling and I hope you can help.

Thank you.

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Requester Rogue.Runner

I have also rebooted my computer, should have added that.

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