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The Orb Fight in a Nutshell.


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  1. Kockbacks.
  2. Staggers.
  3. Annoyance and Pests that respawn like every 2 goddamn seconds.
  4. Not Fun.
  5. If you chose anything but the Velocitus/Imperator as your weapon you're screwed.
  6. If you chose anything but Inaros/Chroma/maybe even Oberon as your frame you're screwed.
  7. No rewards worth fighting for. Or at least the Orb doesn't drop anything worth it. The mission itself drops like 1-2 mods worth it and guess what? S#&$ty relic/toroids are on that droptable too! And you get 1 mission reward.
  8. Timelimit. A 5 minute timelimit after reaching a certain percentage, so yet again if you don't have the Velocitus/Imperator equipped you can basically abort the mission.


Overall i would rate this Fight:

Fish Oil out of Nothing. Go hunt for some Eidolons instead.


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1.& 2. there are several ways to control those things with mods, warframes skills like oberon grass or rhino armor skin or simply killing all the mobs
3. again, just kill them, is not that hard, there are a lot of AOE weapons that can evaporate all those mobs
4. maybe for you
5. I have solo the profit-taker 5 times (3 before the changes) with my grattler, even missing the multishot mod
6. you can go with rhino, frost, wukong, trinity, gara....
7. yup, rewards are garbage even with the update
8. you need only 3 mins of that timer to kill the orb solo, solo player are doing it in 10-15 min in total, teams are doing it on 5

Overall its something new and different to do, i hope DE add arcanes to the drop table.

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Il y a 10 heures, GameOrDerp a dit :
  1. Kockbacks.
  2. Staggers.

The new archgun mod will let you ignore both, it's here for that.

All in all i'm enjoying the fight, with the proper gear of course. Most warframes are viable as long as your team cleans the trash.

Edit: the mod is a common reward of p3.

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oh no, who couldve forseen that frames that are really good in bossfights, aka trinity to survive, chroma to deal a lot of damage, whould be some of the best frames for a bossfight.

most frames are just absolutely god awefull for bosses and bring absolutely nothing to the table for a team when its not for horde gameplay. thats nothing new, and was expected.

In a game about hyper specialised characters you can have all of them equaly good as the best that fill that niece.


i do like that AoE is part of the fight and that things like max range oberon to cc most enemies are pretty decent. 

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