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Greetings fellow Tenno,

 I will keep the intro short and sweet.A lot of thought was given into this,keeping in mind that nothing is too overpowered or sub par.
 I've modeled  this Vauban rework to my fitting,and ofc, with more insight of how and why would things work.
 Constructive criticism and feedback is more than welcomed,but please,no irrational bashing,or anything that would not help this concept grow.
 Perhaps I overlooked something,something in plain sight,that is uneffective,redundant,but that's why you are here.
 So,lets begin. 



 A decent passive,needs no change.

 1. TESLA:

 Launches a grenade that zaps enemies with continous stun and deals electric damage.(NO CHARGE MECHANIC)


 200/250/300/350 damage  (affected by POWER STRENGTH mods)
 Misc: damage tick is every 0,5 sec
       only impacts enemies in line of sight
       100% status chance      

 10/10/10/10 sec     (not affected by POWER DURATION mods)


 6/7/8/9 m   (not affected by POWER RANGE mods)


 3/4/5/6        (not affected by POWER STRENGTH mods)

 With the perma stun trough new,continuous zap mechanic enemies would be held in place;making the current augment rather pointless.


 When in range restores shields to you and all allied units without interuption  10%/s for the duration.


 a) SHIELD DOME: (Removing "BOUNCE" and adding "SHIELD DOME")- Let's face it,BOUNCE is a meme,and a dead one,may it rest in peace. 😄

 Deploys a mine that projects a protective SHIELD DOME for you and your allies.

 3500/4000/4500/5000 base shield     (affected by POWER STRENGTH mods)     

 15/20/25/30 sec   (mine duration)   (affected by POWER DURATION mods)

 5/5/6/6 m  (dome radius)   (not affected by POWER RANGE mods)
 Misc: the SHIELD DOME is affected by "RESTORING TESLA" augment


 Deploys an invulnerable,rapid fire mine turret that will attack nearby enemies.


 150/200/250/300 damage     (not affected by POWER STRENGTH mods)
 7 shots/s
 55% status chance
 Misc: maximum of 4 turrets


       base damage is split: 40% IMPACT , 30% PUNCTURE , 30% SLASH 
       copies the ELEMENTAL DMG type(s) of the secondary

       the new ELEMENTAL DAMAGES  would be distributed as 50% of turrets base damage

       i.e. 300 base damage: secondary elemental-RADIATION=150 RADIATION damage on turret

                             secondary elemental-VIRAL=150 VIRAL damage on turret


 15/20/25/30 sec   (mine duration)   (affected by POWER DURATION mods)


 4/5/6/7 m radius   (affected by POWER RANGE mods)
 c) SHRED:

 Deploys a mine that deals BLAST damage to enemies within the proximity,reduces armor and puts them in a ragdolled state.

 STRENGTH:     (affected by POWER STRENGTH mods)       

 200/200/400/400 damage          
 30/40/50/60 % armor reduction

 DURATION:         (affected by POWER DURATION mods)
 15/20/25/30 sec   (mine duration)
 4/5/6/6 sec       (debuff duration)     
 4/5/6/7 m (explosion radius)    (affected by POWER RANGE mods)


 Deploys a mine that emits a deafening explosion to enemies within the proximity,blinding them for a brief moment and lowering 
 their accuracy for the duration.


 75/75/75/75% accuracy loss (not affected by POWER STRENGTH mods)
 DURATION:     (affected by POWER DURATION mods)

 15/20/25/30 sec  (mine duration)
 4/5/6/6 sec      (debuff duration)


 4/5/6/7 m (explosion radius)  (affected by POWER RANGE mods)


 "SUPPLY STATIONS"  (not affected by POWER STRENGTH mods)

 You and allies regenerate 1,5 energy per second when in proximity of a mine.
 Only affected by 2 mines at a time.


 Keeping it the same since it is a straigthforward ability.



 My only change would be tweaking the damage and adding a lingering damage multiplier for each enemy pulled into it.


 350/400/450/500 base damage/sec     (affected by POWER STRENGTH mods)
 dmg multiplier:  x 1,35 for each enemy added into the VORTEX    (not affected by POWER STRENGTH mods)


    TESLA:   I gave it QOL changes with more reliable cc,and tweaked the damage output,plus a decent augment,since the current one is..well...we all know...
    MINELAYER:   Once again QOL changes,with each mine with straightforward purpose,a defensive one,damage one + utility,and 2 scaling mines with more
                 utility which should redeem for the   apsurd MINELAYER version we have atm.

    BASTILLE:    Didn't touched anything,since there is no need for a change.It does its purpose and it does it rather well. 

    VORTEX:      Just a better damage outpute with potentional scaling,nothing more,nothing less,the utility was there,but the ability itself wasn't wholesome.
                 This way it doesn't overlap with Bastille  as another heavy CC ability.

  Let me know if something is left unclarified or seems odd,overpowered..absurd even.I will try to fix it,the best I can,of course,with your help.

  Thanks for your patience,Tenno. ^^                  


 EDIT: Increased the number of mines affected by "SUPPLY STATIONS" from 1 to 2.

Edited by Phaeronimus
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