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Profit taker -same frames


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Once again with powers off and nothing interesting about the Profit take fight (I mean Arch guns are no different than any other gun... ) the roster of frames you will "need" for Profit taker will be the same as for Eidolons. Sure a few more frames might find there way in without the EM pulse and trin might not be a thing (but she's still useful) without drones, but the lion's share of frames will not be viable and the  "hosting Profit taker need X Y Z frames will still be the norm.

Why does DE design battles from the top down with the same mechanics (invulnerability, bullet sponge, shields then vulnerable) etc. I mean they even forgot shield disruption again.

Why don't they look at the frames used for Eidolons and then look at all the other frames and create a battle where other frames will be the meta.

Perhaps a battle where one person is needed to take out the main guy while the other three are needed to protect him( so powers are back in play). Make the little guys numerous but weak (ember, equinox, banshee  etc has to keep them in check), add a flying group (one guy in arch wing to corral those), or some other mechanic like ground based shield generators that have to be "off" (capped like interception nodes and far enough away to be out of danger from profit taker but swarmed by littles) and two people have to defend those while two take out Profit Taker Maybe make putting your main shooter (chroma again of course) in a frost bubble a viable assist, or whatever. Team interaction is great, and it's fine to not be soloable, but just everyone doing the same thing doesn't feel very team based.

And honestly, get rid of ground based arch guns... I mean really... what is the point of that? I even had a couple arch guns already formed up and ready to go and still seems clunky and out of place to me. Changing guns is not "skill" make the mission take skill (accuracy, timing, etc) not just.. hey you can't win unless you have the bigger gun, but don't worry he has more hp to compensate.... that's just window dressing.

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There is a new trend in the game recently, that favors tanky/buffer Frames. It all started with Dolon meta, continued with Arbitrations and led us to Heists. Game design simply does not allow diversity against power immune HP bags. As you said, other Frames could find a purpose in activities surrounding the Orb fight, however given how poor Fortuna update, especially the second part was, I get the impression not enough time went into its development.
In my opinion, Fortuna is the second worst update we had so far, right after Specters of the Rails. The amount of bugs, unfinished and bad gamemechanics is overwhelming. Fortuna was massivly overhyped, I would even go so far and say it was false/missleading advertisement.

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