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abilities for K drives to make them distinct


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As it is now I see no real reason to upgrade my K-drive apart from mastery rank gain. Given how difficult (can I say grindy?!) I find gaining Ventkids standing to be, I really have no motivation to waste my standing on anything except the cheapest drive.

Why can't K-Drives have different abilities like Archwing? Maybe each K-drive part has a different ability attached to it not unlike Kitguns, so the resulting vehicle resembles an Archwing in that they have different uses. One set of K-drive parts be focused on increasing standing (possibly the cheapest one) by increasing jump height, adding trick multipliers, a special trick that shoots fireworks for additional standing, etc. Another could focus on offense, with built-in abilities that damage enemies when you run over them or causes an explosion when you dismount, etc.

Maybe the board could determine a mod polarity, the engine gives its an element association, the nose one ability (like exploding on impact or firing fireworks), and the engines another ability, (like leaving an elemental trail, higher jumps, etc.)

Please like my idea. I really want K-drives to be awesome.

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wow I just had the same idea about abilities and I was about to post it.  Like the board determines 1st ability, reactors the 2nd, noses the 3rd, and jets the 4th. And then each tier of them would be focused on a specific idea like speed, defense, offense, and standing gain. Each part comes with its own unique ability. 

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On 2018-12-24 at 12:38 PM, CandyManCriminal said:

i prefer being able to use the k-drive i like the look of instead of using one i hate how it looks and like its abilities 

Alright. Then how about there are 4 mod slots that activate any ability you put in the corresponding slot? Or DE could add more vent kids mods that deal damage and rework all the current ones so they deal damage and cc that would be on the same level as a warframe ability? In another post I wrote about how I would rework them if I had the chance. I'll edit those in here in a sec.

"Honestly, most of the k drive attack mods need some kind of buff.

Trail Blazer deals next to nothing and only has a like 2m trail following behind you for a couple seconds, so it's not viable at all. The change needed would be to make something like nezha's fire walker. This would be in the sense that every meter lasts like 10 seconds on the ground and spew from the board for like 25 meters. and It would deal 40 dmg per second while procing heat. 

Kinetic Friction is difficult to use bc the 4m range is also too small, and bc you need something to grind on along with enemies right at the end of it, it's difficult to set up the attack. The change needed for this one would be probably changing the radius to 10m and procing electricity with the original 400 electricity damage. 

Sonic boost is just a wave every ten seconds of boosting that you can't control. The cooldown and the tiny 4m range make it impossible to do much with it besides stunning enemies right when you get on the board. Sonic Boost doesn't deal any damage either, so you would have to pair it up with another mod. The changes I would make would be taking off the cool down and just stunning enemies for 5-10 seconds in a 7m radius when switching to or from normal speed and boosting. This way you get some viable cc and have time to build up another k drive attack.

Slay board has too small a range to aim easily. I would say either make it so it has a radius of about 4m for an easier aim or take off the directional dismount condition so you just plow through enemies and deal 400 slash damage and knock them down. 

Thrash landing has too small a range and too small a damage output to be at all effective. I would say boost damage from the percentage of your score from 40% to 150% or more so It's worth using. Trick chains make at most around 350 points without a grind rail, so this isn't viable without a grind rail, which takes away the reason why you would use it instead of kinetic friction. I would also make the range 7m instead of 4 bc it's hard to aim. 

If DE wants us to use k-drives to fight enemies, they need to make the attacks viable (I assume they do, otherwise these mods wouldn't exist). I sincerely hope DE intends to add k-drive abilities like those on an archwing or a warframe, but if they don't then there is currently no way you'll be able to efficiently kill enemies with a k-drive. Personally, I would love to do a bounty completely on a k-drive, circling enemies with a trail of flames and slicing them as I drive through them, finishing them with a slam down explosion, but that really wouldn't work for anything but for maybe lvl 10 enemies rn."

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Bring them to Zuud to get kit-guns mounted. No idea how to aim, maybe just fixed straight ahead. Bring them to Hok and get blades and spikes mounted like a Greek chairot. Maybe a glaive thrower. Of course once moded for dealing damage it will suck for speed, jump and tricks. So you'll need a separate K-Drive for each use. 🤔

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I would like K-drives to have more distinctively powerful and castable 1-4 abilities. 

With Warframes vs. Archwing, even though Archwing is (almost) ubiquitously available in open areas, people don't rely on them all the time. 

One reason is that Archwing is subject to a lot of SAM fire, another is that the abilities are different. 

I think being able to shoot weapons while on K-Drive should be a thing.

It would make the player resistant to knockdowns, because it frigging floats. But the faster it goes, an increased penalty to accuracy and recoil applies.

Also, K-drives should have varied active, castable abilities which would be applicable to their gameplay. 

Some ideas: 

Breacher: creates a frontal shield which reduces incoming damage and knocks back/sends enemies flying hit by the K-drive, opening passage.

Hitman: compensates weapon accuracy and recoil penalty.

Camouflage: reduces anamy accuracy when targeting the K-drive.

Wall-type abilities: This class of ability builds a wall in the wake of the K-drive. Can be an elemental wall which causes damage, or a blocker wall similar to Gara's glass or Frost's ice, or yet like Vauban's bastille or Khora's thunderdome. 

Wake-type abilities: instead of creating walls, they taint/bless  the groun in the wake of the k-drive with various effects.

Some abilities would allow to shoot the k-drive forward, unmounting it, but having it cause large damage on hit, with assorted side effects depending on the ability power.

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  • it should transform into a turret, tool, and weapon to use during its activation, with some requirements, energy and bulelts, and resources to burn, the archwing and k-drive should constitute as sub-weapons defense systems, i had another idea that it can be a pet/transformer, alot of players abandon their k-drives, why no just have them transform into useful tools, weapons, or fighting birds?
  • abilities and relay experts: unlockable faction upgrades, and tools, darvo , and racing off-world from navigation ,there could be some affiliation and races hosted through dojo, and pvp formating with some exciting rewards, points, as well as secluded areas, maybe there can be greneer and lunaro involved, othewise experts at cetus can take over to offer lesser players a chance at some weaker versions of the k-drive that has a lower output, motor, that fit cetus tribe retrospective, or at least match some warframe.
  • enemies should be enhanced against archwing and k-drive players, magnetic bombs, emp, etc.
  1. improvement to k-drives afterburner to damage or knockback weaker enemies and provide shielding under a burnout booster the player becomes less vulnerable, while in mid-air some realistic changes can be made causing friction, wind, and gravity denominants to play in with the traveling, collecting alchemies, tackles, and sub attacks, melee comes to mind, grabs, and subquest during free roam to become more interesting, since there are some items in fortuna to make k-drive interesting but nothing good in cetus, the abilities and energy should allow for some modifications, and changes in both of the cities.
  2. Include k-drive and archwing into alerts and notifications in the cities, races and rewards to make town life more interesting and get players blood pumping while they walk around cetus and fortuna, there should be more racing enthusiast NPC and subquest, stickers, and sigils, bluepritns, the board design is fine, but i recoment that other transformations take place, for other models, such as helicopter, jetpack, and pet versions that can transform into tools, aquatics, etc. Since we do have cetus and fortuna to match  they can feature diffeernt cores and abilities, as well as formating in the k-drive and archwing modes.
  3. some weather should feature resistance and disturbances, limiting view and affecting piloting, adrenal, and combat, auto-dismount in some emp-areas to help combat, unique resources in water and weapon mode, melee k-drive, and team tool, simular to temporary items, the k-drive should double as a beacon and contain passive traits while iddle, and offline, to help in revive, protect while farming, and serve as a snall robot laser, crafting box wifi or foundry special mode, especially inside the cities and safe areas, to make ship life and relay more fun to players, the ship can focus on archwing upgrades, and relays can feature ship components per planet and syndicate, this leaves fortuna and cetus to dominate with subquest and alerts, races, and other cosmetic things to help players get EXP, platinum items, and primes.
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On 2018-12-25 at 4:00 PM, (PS4)Kaneki9597 said:

Alright. Then how about there are 4 mod slots that activate any ability you put in the corresponding slot?

Stance/style mods should do the trick. Change the way we ride. Long board stance, trick stance, luge stance, etc.. Have one come with each board; it will be that board's preferred stance mod, like how the companion's preferred weapons come with them, but can be swapped with each other.

On 2018-12-25 at 4:00 PM, (PS4)Kaneki9597 said:

If DE wants us to use k-drives to fight enemies, they need to make the attacks viable

I'm not sure they do. It doesn't seem like the K-drive is supposed to be a viable attack method any more than bullet jumping is.

It's like there's this missing transition for the next parkour update, which would merge an acrobatics stance with a base level hand-to-hand martial arts style to coordinate with the animation set.

It'd take a ton of professional martial artist motion tracking to get there though. I don't know if they could even find the people to make it diverse enough. Are there even 30+ distinct martial arts styles, to assign one for each Warframe?

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