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[24.2.x][Lighting] Far Terrain Rendering issue (not only fortuna) [Fixed in 24.2.10]


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Hey there.

I noticed a rendering issue since the reployment of Fortuna part 2. But it's possible it's only related to DirectX10, as I had to disable the DirectX11 since the last plague star event when we got the new sky rendering algorythme that increased radically my CPU and GPU load.

I first thought it was fortuna only, some kind of preparation for future addition to the landscape of Orb Vallis, but just few minutes ago I noticed it also in the Index on Neptune.



  • Orange: accessible to the player 3D area (mesh)
  • Yellow: non accessible to the player 3D area (mesh)
  • Pink: Background Sky Sphere non 3D area (texture)


Venus: Orb Vallis 1


Venus: Orb Vallis 2


Neptune: The Index 1


Neptune: The Index 2



The issue is that the Far terrain, which I never noticed before anywhere, is not affected by the "distance bluring". But it's not just that, during the final phase of the Orb Fight, when there is a big white sphere for the explosion, the Far Terrain (in yellow) is in a higher priority Z-Order, so the explosion is behind that Far Terrain on the screen but also the orange area is behind the explosion. (will try to screenshot that, hard to explain)


My Launcher Settings:

  • Full-Screen - False
  • DirectX 10 - True
  • DirectX 11 - False
  • 64-bit Mode - True
  • Bulk Download - True
  • Aggressive Download - True
  • Multi-Threaded Rendering - True
  • Launcher GPU Acceleration - True

My Game Display Settings:

  • Display Mode - Windowed
  • Video Resolution - 1352 x 1048
  • Refresh Rate - 75 Hz (disabled setting)
  • Aspect Ratio - Auto
  • Vertical Sync - On
  • Max Framerate - 75 Hz (disabled setting)
  • Brigthness - 50
  • Contrast - 50
  • Field of View - 65
  • Enable Screen Shake - True
  • Effects Intensity - 100


  • Preset - Custom
  • Runtime Tesselation - False (disabled setting)
  • Local Reflections - False
  • Blur Reflections - True (disabled setting)
  • Volumetric Lighting - False
  • High Dynamic Range - False
  • Adaptative Exposure - False
  • Glare - True (disabled setting)
  • Film Grain - False
  • Ambient Occlusion - False
  • High Shader Quality - False
  • Dynamic Resolution - Disabled
  • Resolution Scale - 100 (disabled setting)
  • Geometry Detail - Low
  • Particle System Quality - Low
  • GPU Particles - Disabled
  • Shadow Quality - Low
  • Texture Memory - Low
  • Anisotropic Filtering - Off
  • Trilinear Filtering - Off
  • Anti-Aliasing - Disabled
  • TAA Sharpen - 50 (disabled setting)
  • Depth of Field - False
  • Motion Blur - False
  • Bloom - True (disabled setting)
  • Bloom Intensity - 50 (disabled setting)
  • Color Correction - False
  • Dynamic Lighting - False
  • Character Shadows - False
  • Constant Weapon Trail - False
  • Weapon Elemental FX - True


My Computer Infos:

  • OS - Windows 10 Familly
  • System Type - 64bit OS, x64 Processor
  • CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4750HQ CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz (4 cores, 8 threads)
  • RAM - 16 GB
  • GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M

Technical data link: https://uk.store.asus.com/asus-rog-g751jt-17-3-notebook-intel-core-i7-2-5-ghz-16gb-ram-1000gb-hdd-gtx970m.html


One of my friend, who also had to turn off DirectX 11 like I did, with a different computer hardware also got this rendering issue, so you might be able to reproduce the issue without needing the same hardware.

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Plains of Eidolon version. That's fun because with that bug I ralized that some stuff were present at some place where I totaly ignored there was anything and then my eyes never watched there. (like that sentient shape there)


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  • 3 weeks later...

Found another one.

Inside my orbiter, a meteor is un ZOrder higher to the news text but lower than orbiter mesh. Also when I move away from the news it get high ZOrder but when I go near the news the meteor return outside of the ship as if the meteor was at a distance based on the character position instead of beeing fixed origin point.


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