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PoE Control Area Mission Impossible


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I get this mission often when on a level 20-40 bounty.

When asked to clear enemies and control the area for a certain amount of time, at Er-Phryah's Vigil, if the enemies asked to clear are located in the cave, the mission is impossible to complete. I have had this specific mission 5/6 times while doing level 20-40 bounties solo. I clear the enemies in the cave no problem, I have strong frames and weapons, I can handle 40-60 missions solo no problem when I'm trying.

The reason I am failing this mission is because when the enemies are first cleared, the area control starts at under 50%, almost no enemies to be found. I check the cave, and above ground. Then it keeps going down rapidly, with almost no hostiles to be found.

Every single time I fail this mission, not because I'm too weak, I do not die. I have tried running a Saryn spore build, a volt 4th ability build, a nekros build...

It's just impossible...

I'm trying to get the revenant systems blueprint, but it's incredibly demotivating when halfway through the bounty I have to go back all the way to start anew...


I hope the info I gave was somewhat clear, sorry for the bad english



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