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Allowing to start Phase 4 Profit Taker mission without Ark Gun...


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Must be a bug because before it warned you that you cannot start the mission if you havent equiped an Ark Gun, this time it allowed me to start the mission and as the shield was done and i wanted to use my ark gun told me i have non equipped.

Either i really didnt had one equiped (since i took a different Warframe then usual which shouldnt affect this...) or i had it equiped but the mission was bugged just telling me i didnt had one.

No matter, yet another bug and i yet have to have ONE single Phase 4 Bounty mission of the Profit Taker where there isnt a bug forcing everyone to abort the mission...

Welcome to Eidolon hunting 2 ?! (The many bugs there that on the last Eidolon happen made me quit those hunts for good... i just hope same thing doesnt happen here now and this is just a child sickness on the beginning. Would be disappointing having this turn into a second bugged Eidolon hunt)

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