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Change the Recovery Function of the Ferrox (or all Spearguns)


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The Ferrox is a Speargun which alternate fire produce a small field that tethers enemies to it. While leveling it I got the idea that it could be a nice crowd control weapon. Throw it on the ground at a door and don't worry about any enemies that might come from there.

Sadly while informing myself more about the weapon I found out that it has build in recovery function that despawns the weapon automatically 20 seconds after impact and brings it back into your hands.

Because of that I would like to propose some changes to the Ferrox

Recovery Function:

Solution A - Mods:

The Timer can be increased through Mods. 20 Seconds is base but maybe through Fire Rate Mods it can be increased heavily.

Solution B - No automatically despawning (My favorite solution):

Instead of despawning the weapon and bringing it back into your hands automatically it should be triggerable by the user. Trying to switch to your primary weapon recovers your weapon. If the damage of the Ferrox on impact is to high you could of course have a timer again that prevents the despawning while active. (This one could be decreased through Fire Rate Mods so people can have an "actual" spear weapon

Tether Field:

The size of the tether field can be increased through mods. The default radius of ~5m (?) is fine but it would be awesome if it could reach up to 10m



So... what do you all think about my proposed changes? 

Additional Node:

Changing the Recovery Function with Solution B not only for the Ferrox but all Spearguns could even be a nice utility buff to them. Also the ability to increase the radius of there alternate fire. Sure the Lenz will always be better then the Javlok but some variety especially in low level missions is always nice to have.


Edit 1: I don't know how the stands is regarding Weapon "Augment" Mods (like the Syndicate mods) but If the Changes can be implemented through that system I wouldn't mind. Also then it wouldn't hurt any player which likes the current way spearguns work

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Spearguns should be recoverable like Fishing Spears with a middle click (another Recovery Function idea like Solution B).

It's genius right.

If you're too far away, then it should default to the current recovery method of 20 seconds.
I wouldn't say never because they do glitch out sometimes.

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