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Mesa->Peacemaker->synoid gammacor Visual Bug


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While using/firing - gammacore pressing/activating Mesa's 4/Peacemaker  the gammacore 3 laser bug appears ...sticking to the place you aimed at and won't disappear throughout the whole map/mission you can relocate the 3 lasers every time you shot or let them stay at the place you last shot at ofc they will stretch and follow you on the hole map...

I'm no expert but look's like 3 lasers animation that is bound to the main middle laser of gammacore temporary change master/salve to Peacemaker as you activate it and shoot...^^ the lasers get bound to the bullet if there is any and remain bound to the surface/trajectory you aimed/shot at... well I'm sorry ^^ I'm bothering you but it be nice if you can fix it ^^ Thank you for your time and hard work on the game ^^    ps: my Gammacore and Regulators use the saim mods dunno if that helps

Is it intended for mesa prime to shot primary weapon when down...



Mesa prime can't shoot the Peacemaker in a small radius underneath her




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