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Personal Top 10 Frames


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I know this subject has been glossed over already and is HIGHLY subjective, but I wanted to make a list like this and get input from the community on their opinions as well.  Keep in my these are not my most used frames, just who I believe are the best.

As per usual of any list, this is simply my personal opinion and being as such, someone will no doubt disagree.  Please keep that in mind and have a little mercy on me.  That being said, here are my personal top 10 frames:

1.  Octavia

This chick has everything.  Scaling AOE damage, AOE CC, almost every buff in the game, and all her abilities are useful.  She gets the top spot because imo she can do any and everything you could ever need in Warframe.  Not to mention her passive is the stuff of dreams and she has invisibility.  

2.  Ivara

The solo players fantasy.  Ivara's bloated kit is topped only by Octavia, but there is no shame in that.  This frame is imo one of the 3 most broken we have right now, but in a good way.  She boasts invisibility, great AOE CC, insane amounts of damage, and she can steal loot from enemies.  It doesn't matter the mission type, this frame is state of the art in terms of quality and efficiency.

3.  Limbo

Probably going to receive backlash for this, but yes, Limbo is a top 3 frame.  He has the best CC and objective secure in the entire game.  He also is tied with Octavia for best passive as well.  Memes and leftover hate aside, his ability to make a joke out of almost every challenge in this game is pretty broken tbh.  Not to mention he can be built a variety of different ways besides max and min range Cataclysm, which imo is not his best ability.  Useful in all missions.  Only frame in my belief that is truly held back by the user.

4. Trinity

A frame so powerful she shrugs off nerf, after nerf, after NERF.  It is amazing just how many players forget just how good Trinity really is.  She is more than just a healer, or an energy well.  She is also a great tank, as well as staple in almost any kind of serious content (or at least coordinated runs).  This frame is self explanatory as to why she is here, she just doesn't bend the game to her will like the 3 mentioned before her.

5.  Inaros

Say what you will about him being boring, or all he does is throw sand and not die, but this dude is juiced.  This monster can CC an ENTIRE room and do whatever he pleases afterwards.  It's actually over the top for a frame that can self heal off of everything, have unlimited sources of energy, have 4(!) sources of CC, have access to one shots with Covert Lethality, and still take forever and a day to die.  It's simply unfair.  

6.  Nova 

Nova is a must have frame.  I don't say that often.  She literally was made for all missions, bounties, plains, whatever.  Damage reduction (Neutron Star is underrated af), actual damage and damage buffs, map wide CC, and crazy mobility.  Fits into any team, makes bosses trivial, manipulates enemy speed, you name it, she's got it.

7.  Rhino

The walking Kevlar vest.  Rhino is the complete package with stupid CC, damage reduction (at this point just call it god mode), a GREAT damage buff, just fantastic kit.  Far more simple a tank than Inaros, but good grief this frame is good.

8.  Mesa

Those nerfs to your favorite Warframe?  Yeah we found some of them.  Mesa is ridiculous.  Who cares about her first ability when the rest is so good.  Shooting Gallery alone should have every enemy faction on strike until it gets nerfed (that's not a hint DE).  Not to mention that she still has damage reduction and one of the best 4s in the entire game.  She does it all and she makes it look easy doing it.  She just isn't higher on my list because the others above her are simply better, and there's no shame in that.

9. Volt

I admit it, I am not a fan of this frame.  However, I cannot deny that he is one of the best in game at the moment.  Volt's versatility is very, very good.  He can literally stun lock an entire room, or nuke it if he so chooses.  He also sports a shield which is imo completely broken in that it soaks up damage while amplifying his own to a pretty disturbing degree.  Not to mention speed, which when used correctly (key word) is an invaluable ability.

10.  Nidus

I almost had this frame in honorable mentions due to how he is designed, but it would be a disservice to do so.  Nidus is incredibly powerful indeed, boasting unlimited energy, great self and team healing, a spectacular CC, ridiculous passive, scaling damage (technically scaling heals as well), and imo one of the best and coolest looking 4s in the entire game.  The only reason he isn't MUCH higher is due to the nature of his kit relying on gaining stacks, and the fact that he operates best in endless missions.


Honorable mentions:


Saryn is fantastic, but she doesn't provide the utility and versatility of those mentioned above.  She does however, excel at killing things.  A LOT.


Harrow is a great support frame....for himself.  While he has one of the most cohesive kits in the game, his CC is not great and his focus is headshots for his utility is outclassed by others on the list.


Gara would have definitely been on this list as she is a powerhouse, but I can't in good faith place her above Nidus.


At that's my list.  Feel free to debate or bash at will if you believe this list should be different or have a case for your own selections.  Remember, it's just an opinion and done in fun.


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11 minutes ago, -skimmer- said:

Out of sudden bout of curiosity: Whats your opinion on Valkyr?

Valkr is in a decent spot.

She could use some love on Paralysis and Hysteria though.  An increase of the overall effect of Paralysis would be welcome imo.  Right now it's in a weird spot due to It's cone AOE and the fact that it has a very short opening for the finishers it wants.

Hysteria is going to need a look at if it's going to have it's glory days back.  I'd say the invincibility should be toned down so it can be buffed in other ways, but the pro kitty crowd would hunt me down.  At this point it's hard to call, but as long as the drain is that high, Hysteria builds will continue to suffer.

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For me from most liked, 1.Banshee, 2.Harrow, 3.Trinity (melee hybrid build), 4.Nyx.

Maybe Vauban too, but Vaub needs a rework, Nyx just needs this recent tweak reversed except for the armor remove, that's really useful.

And Slow Nova for sniping on tilesets with high enemy spawnrates.

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just felt like putting mine out here too, somewhat in order 🙂

1: Wukong

2: Hydroid

3: Nidus

4: Equinox

5: Volt

6: Oberon

7: Nyx

8: Nekros

9: Ash

10: Nezha or Nova

I want to like vauban, chroma and a few others too but they oh so need their reworks, so not now 

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Let's see how many I can come up with...

1. Mirage
2. Loki
3. Limbo
4. Nidus
5. Rhino
6. Frost
7. Ivara
8. Nekros
9. Nezha
10. Inaros

Everything from 4 to 10 can be randomly ordered. The top 3 is what I play most, but the order is how much I enjoy them, not how much I play them.

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Okay my turn : Ash, Mirage, Ash, Excalibur, Ash, Nezha, Ash, Ash and Ash.



Oh, I forgot one... Let's say... Ash ?

No, seriously, this guy is dope, I don't understand why I never see any Ash... This is the only true warframe as advertised : "NINJAS play free". Not bards, nor kittens, nor mummies.

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37 minutes ago, Pyromaniaque said:

Okay my turn : Ash, Mirage, Ash, Excalibur, Ash, Nezha, Ash, Ash and Ash.



Oh, I forgot one... Let's say... Ash ?

No, seriously, this guy is dope, I don't understand why I never see any Ash... This is the only true warframe as advertised : "NINJAS play free". Not bards, nor kittens, nor mummies.

You forgot Ash

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My favorite top 10 favorite Frames would be:

1. Garuda

when i read about her Theme, i know i wanted to play her because Gore is one of the things i enjoy in Video Games. MK’s Fatality, Doom 2016’s Glory Kills, and other stuff like the Saw Movies. So she would fit my style of playing this Game. When i finally got her through the Fortuna Grand Bundle (because i thought her Requirement is a mess and still do) and started leveling her up in the Low Levels, i figured out her Synergies but thought she was annoying to play as in the low levels. But, when i brought her to the Simulacrum as a rank 18 Frame because i wonder if she can kill the enemies there at the highest level still, that’s when i was loving her. Killing 8 lvl 125 Arid Heavy Gunners while Surviving at the same time at Rank 18 is something i wouldn’t do as Valkyr Prime. It was rough to do honestly but i wasn’t expecting to have that level of Scaling. 

With the way she can build up her damage, energy, while healing herself, and procing slash on enemies before wiping them out with her blood orb at the same time is what makes me main her. That was before her Buffs and fixes she had after the hotfixes because that’s when i brought her into Void Survivals for Endurance. I remember trying to kill a lvl 192 Corrupted Heavy Gunner with the pre hotfix Staticor after i used her 4 on her and it’s damage was falling off. So i decided to throw the Orb that was previously charged and the Heavy Gunner had most of her Armor and Health left. She got Vaporized by it in one hit. During the earlier parts of the Run, i saw slash procs at 32K which is a serious amount but this was at Ani, Void. At Mot, didn’t go as far since i ran out of LS. Her Blood Alter was healing my Ancient Healer Specter so he was surviving for a while while he was still lower level. 

The biggest issues i have with her is her Passive because it can be lost too easily and the Targeting because it can go Invalid Target if you are not aiming at a specific part of a enemy. Rest are minor.

2. Valkyr Prime

This kitty has being my main for a Year straight until Garuda took that place. She was the Frame i used when i reached 300+ in Ani, Void or near. My other Survival Runs i did with her was at lvl 250+, 200+ and below. That was with a Eternal War build so a Hysteria build would go futher but i don’t have Arcane Energize yet. She can be a tough Melee Frame to kill while having a way to boost Teammate’s Armor and Attack Speed. She can be CC with Prolonged Paralysis and heal herself with Hysteria so she can be effective Solo and being a DPS boost to the Team if they are Meleeing. She’s not as effective in a Squad as Garuda which is one of the reason i switched to that Frame. Her Synergies isn’t as good either.

I know she can slow down the stagger of enemies with Paralysis and Warcry, boost the attack speed of her Claws when she’s using Warcry amd Hysteria, can do insta - kills with her 3 and 4, but that’s it because her 1 is useless outside of her mobility and her 3 don’t qork as well outside of Hysteria while with Garuda, she can block damage with her 1 while absorbing them to her blood orb so she can use her three safely to gain energy back unless you are at a open area.  More energy Garuda have, the more time she can use for charging her 1 and more times she can use her 4. 

3. Saryn Prime 

Another Frame Pablo did a nice job on. When it comes to clearing rooms at higher levels, she can do just that even when i have to deal with Armor since she can just strip it clean before straight up nuking them. She got aggro with her Molt, can proc toxin on all of her Weapons but double the toxin damage buff when she’s wielding a Meleeing, corrosive Spores with damage scaling up to 7K as corrosive damage which means essy Armor Strip for a lot of levels, and Viral damage with her 4th and her 4 can increases the damage of her Spores by 4x. She got a nice Synergy with Condition Overload because of how many status effects she can proc at once which means a very high damage multiplier with Condition Overload. The health of her Molt scales with the enemies damaging it making The regeneration from regeneration Molt more useful because of the longer lifespan of her Molt. After it got destroyed, the enemies would get proc’d by Toxin.

Her Passive works well with her abilities too. The reason she’s lower in the list is her lack of Team buffs. She’s mostly a Solo Frame but a Powerhouse of a Solo Frame.

4. Trinity Prime

She reach high up of my list because of how she can a support heavy Frame and a Tank at the same time. The DR from Link and Blessing do work with each other and she can keep her energy pool going with EV until she actually ran out of energy whch happens to me. I mostly use her in Sorties as Support and with the DRs active, she can use rage/ hunter adrenaline effectively just in case she can’t cast EV again. Problem i have with her is her 1 is useless outside of EV builds and i tend to pay attention to more stuff while playing her like Teammate’s health, energy, my health, energy, duration of Link, when to bless, and when i’m doing a Sortie Defense or Arbitration defense, the Operative Health. I enjoy killing more so she’s a bit stressful to me.

5. Mesa

i haven’t played her for a while but i did enjoy playing as her though. DR, Passive for Secondaries, damage buff for teammates that jams enemy’s Guns and stuns Melee Enemies, and secondary Exalted Weapon that’s more than strong enough to kill higher level Juggernauts. Problem i have with her is a lack of innate Healing, Rockets killing her (Bombards can kill her if the rocket exploded next to her), and can be annoying to play with because most mesa i see use her 4 to kill enemies before you. That’s why she’s lower in my list but she can be at Trinity’s place.

The rest of the Frames are








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Top 10 thread? 

Ok let's do it...


1. Valkyr Love her design, and just her huge armor is enough to be here for me. I dont know why i love so much the kitty, maybe its purely irrational but i do love her. 

2. Nova The more i play her, the more i like, begun softly, cassual, but passing the time now she's just necessary for me. Perfect cc, damage reduction... Invaluable.

3. Trinity What to say... A goddess with the right build, she can go where others just dream it. 

4. Nyx I tend to use the CC in benefit of the team so she is perfect, also Absorb with augment lets me heal anyone who needs it where others cant go. 

5. Frost Offensive/Deffensive, both play styles which require some skills, but definitely a top 10 wf. 

6. Harrow A critics buffer must be here, and not just that, also a support, what makes this simply perfect. 

7. Nekros One of the bests tanks in the game, and one of the farmers. Took me some time getting the right build for me but now... oh dude, this guy does everything easy xd

8. Octavia She isnt one of the most used by me but i must recognize her. Some "advanced" players i know took her as main so my respects...

9. Inaros Sandboi, the sandboi, a nightmare for any enemy. We all know him. Seems DE dont so dont mention him, we dont want a nerf right? xd

10. Volt He does many things, and all of them pretty well, hunts eidolons, nukes wide rooms, runs faster than anyone... 


Im not following an order (except my waifu Valkyr lol), all of them are simply amazing. 

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Since we're using personal opinions I'll give this a go.

1. Nova - Aside from being my main, Nova as a whole can cover every aspect of content in the game. She's not challenging to play but she feels rewarding. This frame contains nearly everything you could hope for if you enjoy a playstyle that isn't squishy nor tanky... but something in the middle

2. Loki - Did someone say Loki Master Race? This warframe has been around since the start and still refuses to give up against some of the most diversely built frames in the game. His invisibility is straight up great, falls short of octavia in a couple of instances but regardless it's one of his key features. This guy also comes loaded with an enemy disarm to top this off further Loki can challenge Nyx's chaos by augmenting his disarm to make all targets affected by radiation procs. Deckoy as an ability is questionable at times but the ability still defines part of his kit. As for his switch teleport, this ability has been mostly seen as a trolling ability for a very time. Although should you augment for safeguard switch you'll be surprised with this ability having practical use. Overall a great frame can nearly do it all he's selfish and supportive at the same time.

3. Mesa - One of the top frames added to the game ever since she was released. While her 4 is not as good for killing hoards of enemies like it used to long ago this frame can still boast some impressive features. Her shooting gallery offers a stun towards enemies whilst buffing you and your allies for a set duration, a very well thought out ability. Dmg reduction on her 3 is simply icing on the cake casting this ability can make you nearly as tanky as some of the others but this probably isn't the main reason you chose to play Mesa. This frames 4th packs outstanding levels of punch for high levels and should you acquire the augment you can take this great ability even further. A great addition to anyone looking for a great frame to play.

4. Khora - While cc got demolished with the loss of raids seeing characters like vauban simply fade away, Khora brings back that cc charm whilst boasting great damage of her own. Her 1st ability is simple, you whip something it'll take loads of damage. Pair this with a crit weapon that also deals some status whilst also understanding that this ability adds to your melee counter, is able to be spammed and can even be buffed by kavats. This ability is vicious. 

If you thought Khora only had whip spam then you'd be wrong. Her 2nd ability can trap an enemy in place but also trap other enemies nearby. Theres enemies also take double dmg from your whip. While this Khora's 3rd ability is very different it still offers utility. This ability comes loaded with 3 options, dmg, support and then healing. Cycle these abilities on Venari and determine which one suits you best. This ability also allows you to bring your pet kavat back to life. Her final ability creates a dome of wires that'll trap enemies, pull enemies in but also allows you to use your whip and dmg them all. On top of all this Khora has the abiltiy to make use of two pets offering some great utility on top of her already fantastic kit.

5. Equinox - This frame comes packed with options but mostly gets recognised for 2 of them. Maim, this ability is one of those fabled nuking abilities a large majority of the time this ability is gonna do some dmg. However should nuking not be your thing you can equip equinox's peaceful provocation augment and make your enemies fall into a deep sleep all around you. Overall solid frame 

6. Trinity - Anymore nerfs? This frame has been bashed time and time again yet still stands among the best. Known mainly 3 things for energy vampire, dmg reduction from blessing and lastly... trying to look like a lobster. This frame is an excellent support character and a must have for particular parts of content in the game.

7. Banshee - A shining example of what a glass cannon should be. Whilst squishy, this frame backs a combination of cc and high dmg. On top of all this Banshee is a frame with all augmented abilities having great options to mix up the gameplay yet capture the perfect imagine the frame was built upon. 

8. Frost - The defense frame. This guy is mostly known for only holding objectives yet to those whose wish to seek more out of this guy you may just find yourselves with a cc dmg monster.

9. Harrow - Support made into retaliation. This frame comes loaded with ways to help your team, he can trap enemies in place whilst giving himself shields. He sacrifice his shields to buff his allies. He has the ability to give teammates energy. And lastly the ability to turn your team invincible and then recieve a crit buff in return. This frame has a unique design and playstyle, if you're looking for a support frame but can't see youself enjoying the other one's then this could be a frame for you.

10. Rhino - A classic. This guy has been around as long as Loki and still stands his ground easily. A hit or miss 1st abilitymade great through an augment. His second abiltiy is inviting the enemies to keep shooting at him. His third abiltiy, a group dmg buff simply yet effective. And his 4th ability, a mighty stomp that sends enemies into the air for a bit of time. This frame has been around for a very long time and doesn't chose to give up easily, a perfect starter frame and a great frame for players wanting a relaxing but enjoyable experience.

Honorable mentions





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1) Inaros: Simple yet extremely effective and cheap CC, health regen out the wazoo for both himself and his teammates, insane tanking ability. While I do enjoy other warframe's abilities more (namely Octavia, Saryn, Harrow, etc) Inaros is the one frame I can bring into literally anything without worrying.

2) Octavia: Love how much STUFF there is with her kit. Scaling damage, CC, buffs, she has everything you could want.

3) Saryn: I actually just like playing her, I find her fun, especially in ESO where she can truly shine. It also helps that she has such good...err.. assets.

4) Harrow: I don't play him nearly as often as I'd like, but when I do, it's super fun. His kit just works together so flawlessly, like a well oiled machine

5) Excalibur/Umbra: Picked him as my starter, back when he had the meme super jump. After his rework he's a tremendously fun and powerful frame when built right, same for Umbra. Plus he has my favorite design, simple but very fashionable.

6) Mesa

7) Ivara

8 ) Chroma

9) Valkyr

10) Limbo

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1. Garuda.

Proof to me that a lot of the community has a hard time judging something unless it fits specific qualifications.  She is a high mobility beast capable of filling support and assassin type roles.  She's fun to mess with and she's the only frame that ahs pushed me to maxing out a bunch of mods to try and make her as tanky as possible.

2. Octavia

More than just being able to do anything she's one of the most customizable frames out there.  You can build her song to be fun to listen to, to work fast for crouch spam and fast weapons, or slow if you want to time for high duration invis and slower firerate weapons.  If I were to try the murder shroom strat on profit taker with an organized group her three and 4 would provide massive buffs while her 1 and 2 would provide CC.  I'm going to try it once I test how sitting on a shroom works in that fight.

3. Rhino

Rhino makes braindead players.  But Rhino is godlike.  Rhino has no bad abilities. That's why braindead players gravitate to him.  He's more than just easy.  He's good.  so very very good.

4. Trinity

I can do anything on trinity.  I replaced the shield mod on her with Adaptation recently and I'm never going back.

5. Nezha.

Slippery boy goes fast and feels smoother than Volt. Underrated by much of the community.  But perfect for open world and a solid pick to pub with in profit taker fights.

6.  Mesa

A top pick in the profit taker fight.  You need add control and nothing controls better than dead adds.  Plenty tanky to handle the damage output in that fight and her 2 still provides at least a modest amount of group support.  And we can't forget her 4 can put damage on the orb itself quite well.

7. Ivara

I can do anything on Ivara.  She's not tanky but invisible frames just don't need to be where they can be shot.  Her limitations are mere footnotes compared to her capability.  Shame I can't perfect hunt floofs anymore.

8. Saryn

I feel dirty using her but no one does the job of mass murder of garbage mobs better.  When it's all you need she's your girl.

9. Inaros

Immortal with awesome CC adn mem potential.  If pubs are getting on my nerves I switch to the big angry mummy frame to handle business.

10. Nidus

A recent addition to my collection.  Rapidly proving to be a favorite.  Though it's frustrating trying to build stacks when the first instinct of every player is to rush at the larval clump with their ignis wraith a'blazin.

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13 hours ago, kgabor said:

For me from most liked, 1.Banshee, 2.Harrow, 3.Trinity (melee hybrid build), 4.Nyx.

Maybe Vauban too, but Vaub needs a rework, Nyx just needs this recent tweak reversed except for the armor remove, that's really useful.

And Slow Nova for sniping on tilesets with high enemy spawnrates.

Here, have a Like!

Vauban/Prime is one of my most played frames, and definitely in my Top 3.

On topic, others in my Top 10 list would be Trin, Ivara, Pilferoid, and Volt. Not sure how I'd arrange them or who else would make the list, I'd have to think about it.

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