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The Wheel Of Pain


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The Issue:

After getting the A-Wing gear item, I changed my F5 (slot 5) item with the new item and this happened:


Somehow the gun ended up on slot 5 just fine BUT for some reason the 6 slot item was removed, completely messing up all slots.
A-Wing Luncher was previously on slot 12 (I mapped it on F12) and all other items got mess up as well, because the glyph was removed.

Now you can't insert the glyph anymore, so the only workaround is to remove ALL following gear items after writing them down on paper (this kills trees and that's bad), then adding them all over again (this kills my free time and that's even worse).

The Best Fix:

I basically posted this years ago, so it's nothing new: Items can be assigned hotkey instead gear slots.
This is especially nice because:

  • Reordering, Inserting or Deleting is no longer an issue (saves trees and user time).
  • Items with hotkeys can be silently added to the end of the chain.
  • It's good UX, so in other words has the highest professional cred gain.

The Workaround Fix:

  • The deleted gear item bug is fixed (so at least it's possible to replace items without producing a mess).
  • It is possible to reorder items or insert items additionally to adding them.
  • It's acceptable UX, at least it would no longer be broken - still wastes a lot of time in the gear assignment for a very trivial use case.


To save the environment from further destruction and allow future generations to grow up with enough trees, this should be fixed as soon as possible to ensure future Tenno can experience a breath taking game (but not because there's not enough oxygen left due to lack of trees).

Edited by MaxiTB
Adding reason why a fix is mighty important - because of children !
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18 hours ago, auxy said:

It is absolutely preposterous that there is no way to insert items into a gear wheel.

They could just make the items sortable, perhaps by pressing a toggle button and the use of the mouse wheel...
It's not really that much effort or complexity to implement something like that.

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