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Shark Frame Concept - Athena


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Warframe Concept - Athena - Concept Sequence 1.1.0 (updates following soon!) 

Okay, so someone tossed and idea into my Discord about a "shark frame", seeing as how my entire channel is based around shark. So I was just sort of thinking... that would be really cool! so I designed one. Keep in mind I have absolutely NO IDEA about frame design, so some of these abilities may seem biased and over powered, seeing as I don't know about how "balancing" would properly work in terms of inserting it into the game (yadda yadda). All of these are just something I PERSONALLY would think is cool :3. On top of that, if you have something negative to say just don't say it at all, if you want to give me criticism I'm all for it! but bashing my entire idea isn't cool!. Further more, if you'd like to present ideas to me you can join my discord to slap some ideas on me!. Now on wards to what she is...(yes she) 

(I may sometimes use bleed/slash "procs" interchangeably, but I mean the same thing) 

Let's start off with her tankiness/health. As follows:

(all rank 3)
Armor - 530
Energy - 400
Health - 725
Shield - 100 
Sprint Speed - 1.10

>will add rank 1/2/3 more properly in coming explanations!

First Ability: [Swirling Frenzy] - Athena will summon a frenzy of fish around her to protect her, providing damage reduction, when the ability timer runs out, fish will be released with an unrelenting fury on to any nearby enemies proc'ing with guaranteed bleed/slash. 

>When casted, fish will be spawned to hover around Athena (based on strength), giving her a 90% damage reduction (not per fish, just 90% at max rank) the more fish you have, the more enemies will be targeted for when the ability ends (more fish = more bleed proc's) - this ability is mainly a de-buffer for the squad, simply guarantees a slash proc, but also serves as damage reduction) this ability seems a lot like Nova's 1st, but it's more so meant to be a de-buffer, and helpful towards Athena and her teammates. 

Second ability: [Seeking Hunger] - When active, bleed proc'd enemies have a chance to return health to Athena, more enemies affected by bleed will cause faster energy drain.

>Nearby enemies that are bleeding have a 20% chance (rank 3, effected by strength) to return health to Athena.

Third ability: [Tides of Transcendence] - Summon a wave for Athena to speed through to map on, essentially rushing through in full shark fury. When you are done surging just a simple leap will launch you off the wave to deactivate the ability (no need to uncast) 

>This ability effected by strength and duration. Athena transforms into full shark and rides her waves throughout the map. (this ability is able to be fully controlled, unlike Hydroid and Rhino's), this also allows you to go up and down freely (to a certain degree) semi-like Archwings, allowing you to glide up and down, to whoosh over enemies heads, possibly applying slight knock back. 

Fourth ability: [Jaws of Destruction] - Put down arms and pick up fins, opening her mouth in a fury of jaw clamping destruction, Athena turns into a deadly killing machine, using only her jaws to attack. 

>Damage being affected by strength, drain being affected by duration and efficiency (as always for everything). Dealing strictly slash damage, based high in critical attacks (since she already deals abilities in bleed/slash). This exalted fury jaws are neither staff/fist/claws/any other conventional weapon, Athena will maintain in a (floating state) attacking with her mouth/jaws, lots leaping and lurching forward attacks. This could also synergize greatly with her Tides of Transcendence, being active while in a tidal wave, floating by with speedy attacks. 

Now onward to her "jaws" ultimate. Seeing as how this ability is a proper ultimate, it should be able to be modded as such. The synergy already provided with bleed means having her ultimate as critical based will only boost DPS and effectiveness of her!. 

1.5 attack speed
Channeling Cost - TBD
Channeling Damage - TBD
Critical Chance - 80%
Critical Damage - 2.4x
Damage Block - 50%
Leap Attack - 1,500
Spin Attack - 2,400
Status - 12%
Slash - 500

That may seem a bit over powered... as it kind of is, but as exalted weapons should be! they should deal ridiculous damages at all costs. 

As stated before I will be tweaking this entire kit within coming weeks! adding what affects what in more in depth understanding. Feel free to come into the discord if you'd like to throw me some ideas! https://discord.gg/3qAtRfp

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I like it! We need concept art Asap. Also, name suggestion Amaukua, may have spelled that wrong, as I'm on a phone. It's Hawaiian mythology about families ancestors. Or Lamia, from Greek mythology. Daughter of Poseidon. Both are shark related. 

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33 minutes ago, SaintPam said:

I like it! We need concept art Asap. Also, name suggestion Amaukua, may have spelled that wrong, as I'm on a phone. It's Hawaiian mythology about families ancestors. Or Lamia, from Greek mythology. Daughter of Poseidon. Both are shark related. 

Yep! I've been going over better names. Someone suggested Adephagia.

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Id love this warframe but can 3rd ability be a little more undetected?

Or maybe make it cause nearby enemies to run in fear xD and when you leap out make it have a biggish area of effect and when you go back in to this ability youll have another biggish area of effect if that makes sense. 

Removing the ability to just go up and down cause it seems a bit out of place for a shark warframe know?

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