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Warframe holiday poem


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WARNING light spoilers throughout the story/poem but not anything too big in my opinion, hope you enjoy the read :3


Was feeling a bit festive and might have been naughty, as i sent many silly things for the tennobaum party. Gifts of singular argon crystals with a story attached, to bring people a smile with a big gift to match. They laughed and smiled as i hoped they would but the festivities could not end yet, although i knew they soon could. Holidays dont last forever you see, but making the most of things i was determined to be a bit silly. So soda in hand and keyboard prepared i set off to the forums to share a tale, which maybe can end well. The tale was about the community that i had come to love and appreciation i had for the devs that brought me more for the holidays then i could ever ask. But it had started to stack up to be quite a task. They devs had given so much that they wouldn't understand, how much it meant to this man. They had given the man the gift to get through the hard times with Hikou in hand, and given him a place to make friendships that would never turn to sand. Instead the sand became glass, a beautiful sculpture, some say hand crafted by Gara, but by no means ordinary by nature. The sculpture had colors imbued for each friend and was a rainbow by now, reminding the man of each encounter the man bowed. the man then bowing started to weep, not tears of sadness as one might expect, but tears of joy for all the places and people he met. Some were gone forever and some he had just met, but his heart would remember them all even if the mind sometimes forgets. So the man started back into the orb vallis, with presents in hand, to make more and more friends, taking what he needed from the land. The man found bounties and gems and creatures past his imagination, but the corpus had corrupted this place to their own ambition. The man with his friends helped to clear the land of corpus, one at a time, they were filled with purpose, but suddenly a chime. the chime rang from on top of a corpus base, and down descended a demon of a spider like make. the spider gave chase, to the man and his friends, and at the end nothing left except the glass sculpture. The spider confused tried to crush the colorful piece that defied its stature. The spider had made a grievous mistake that day though, for when the spider crushed the glass, thousands of resonance based friends of the man bust forth with more presents in tow, and brought down the demon like spider once and for all. 

To all those who celebrate around this time of year, i wish you the best, and for those who don't a happy new year. To one of the best communities and one of my favorite games, a story for you to help u smile, and a soda for me to help me stay awake and play for a while. 

Side note: let me know if the story needs to be a bit easier to read in pace, ill edit if needed to space it out

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