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[Performance / hubs / matchmaking] Won't someone think of the poor toasters?


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Let me preface this:
My computer is above min-spec, but not hugely so.

As I said [url=https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1043781-pc-what-and-when-to-expect-fortuna-part-ii-the-profit-taker/?do=findComment&comment=10405075]elsewhere[/url],

I have a (somewhat-)better-than-[url=https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182230-What-are-the-minimum-specs-for-Warframe]min-req PC[/url] (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 vs 6400, 4 GB RAM vs. 2 GB, and a GeForce 550 TI vs. GeForce 8600 GT).

But while performance in OV has certainly improved since launch, I cannot reliably remain connected to squadmates as either host or client for more than a couple frames - to say nothing of the various load times.

So, let's talk about those load times.

My load time into Fortuna varies from under 1 minute to over 4.
As best I can figure, this correlates directly with how many people are in the hub.
(I believe the issue is loading the cosmetics, because I still get the occasional desync when certain players join my squad. Should be able to dig up the support ticket I submitted about it a couple years ago.)


Now, while I can pick an instance when loading in from my Orbiter - which means I can choose a low-pop instance, the same isn't true of returning from OV.
I've done a couple of Profit-Taker runs, clocking 18 and 16 minutes until the kill.
It then took me ~5 and ~8 minutes to load back into Fortuna.

If you insist on not allowing people to generate 'solo', empty hubs, (because social, I guess? tbf, visual (read: player avatar) social hubs have never been my jam.) can you please do something to improve my QoL here?
Honestly, unless I'm completely misdiagnosing the issue, even just a toggle in the gameplay options - 'auto-select low pop hub instances' - will improve things significantly better.


Thanks for your time.

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Goddammit Editor. I give up.
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