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New Corpus lockers should only be on Vallis, not a permanent game-wide change


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To quote myself, "this stuff is supposed to be coming out of a machine press. The old design had that image perfectly, just a box of sheet metal with an inset for LEDs. This new stuff looks like it had to go through several extra machines on the assembly line to get all those 45 degree angles, AND it's painted. Your average Corpus would replace the new designs with the old in a heartbeat to save money"

It makes a little more sense on Venus where you have a lot of Nef's experimental/custom designs running around. All those extra Raptors and Hyenas, not to mention Trencher Crewmen, those guys look like they would use the new bulky copper-trimmed lockers. But your classic Crewman out on Phobos or Pluto, he would get the old sheet metal box

On a related note, I think the alarm/hack-panels have the same thing going on. The new design looks too overdesigned for the non-Vallis Corpus

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