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New Amp Notation


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So, this is something i was thinking about, but i haven't seen anything of as of yet.

so currently standard AMP notation is prism - scaffold - brace with a number corresponding to the standing level they are unlocked at.

so what do we do now that amp parts are being added to other open worlds, we could simply continue it from where it left off and use 5, 6, 7 ... however that's counter intuitive with the reasons behind the numbers.

so my preposition for a new amp notation is the same numbers / reasoning behind numbers, however from now on after each number the first letter of the town it was obtained in shall be added also. For example, rahn prism with pencha scaffold and Certus Brace would be notated 4c1c3f, a Cantic prism, Klebrik scaffold, and Plaga brace would be 1f3c2f, etc etc.

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