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Update to Drop or Not?



After not knowing what obscure screen icons mean, which early weapons to keep or not keep is number two on my noob's list of pain & agony. There are many such threads, but every one I see is on the older side.

I found this list of weapons to drop for the plat-challenged among us in a post from 2017. I realize one should likely keep precursor weapons, but things change over time with balance.

"Boltor, Braton, Daggers, Heat Sword, Paris Prime, Skana, Kunai, Dual Skana, Amphis, Cronus, Dark Sword, Dual Heat Swords, Fragor, Kraken, Glaive, Latron, Orthos, Sicarus, Spira, Vasto, and Twin Gremlins."


What would you add or remove and why? Personally, I can't imagine life without my heat sword.

I realize it all comes down to play-style, what you like best, etc., but surely there is a general consensus as of the end of 2018. 

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