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Would Hysterix be good for spider mom?


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32 minutes ago, 01Ashim said:

When I saw all that changing damage types you need to have I thought a Hysterix with good riven could be a great option, especially for soloists. What do you guys think? Will the damage output even be close to good enough?

No, it definitely wouldn't work. This is a problem with how some people are thinking about the Orb Mother fight in general tho. It's not about having as many damage types as possible. It's about having really strong weapons and focusing on the highest damage types on those weapons. I can use my Tombfinger and get Impact, Puncture, Radiation, Corrosive, and Heat, but why would I waste my time with 3 of the lower damage types on that weapon? I just force the damage types that do the most damage. For my Tomfinger it's Corrosive and heat. I'll sometimes get a few shots in with the other ones while I'm waiting to switch the types again with my operator. Anyways, the goal is to do as much damage as possible, not as many damage types as possible. 

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