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Warframe Steam Starter Pack Giveaway!


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Hello fellow Warframe nerds,


My name is Nextokkin, some of you may or may not know who I am already. In case you don’t I’m a fellow gamer like most of you and as a hobby of mine I like to live stream my gameplay. To promote my stream and to get my name out there a little more I’m holding a giveaway for a Warframe starter pack. The starter pack includes:


500 platinum and 100,000 credits


6 random Common MOD Cards


4 random RARE MOD Cards


An Affinity Booster


And a Credit Booster


I’m currently at 42 total followers and I would like to try and get that number to 75. In order to take part in this giveaway you must be a follower of my stream and be an active viewer when the giveaway takes place. Also you MUST have a steam account to be able to receive the giveaway. If you have any other questions join me on my stream!


**Note: I do stream late at night if the number hits 75 after 10pm CST the drawing will be the following day at 8pm CST to give the U.S. people a chance at receiving the giveaway I hope most of you understand**

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