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Hard Work Pays Off


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- This pickaxe may seem more suited for the efforts of mining than merely defending one's self, but the kind folks at Fortuna were more than kind enough to craft this two-handed Pickaxe like if it was an sword. Powerful in it's own right, This Pickaxe has high Slash and Puncture damage, mining down enemies' armor and health like the land of which the people of Fortuna work on.


Type: Sword
Attack Speed: 1.15
Channeling Damage: 1.5x

Blocking: 20%
Disposition: Competent 
Slash: 70.0

Puncture: 70.0
Impact: 40.0
Damage: 190.0 (40/40/20)
Crit Chance: 30%
Crit Multiplier: 1.5x
Status Chance: 15%
Slam Attack: 500.0
Slide Attack: 450.0
Wall Attack: 300.0

Polarity: V/Scratch
Stance Polarity: R
Stances: (Iron Phoenix / Crimson Dervish / Vengeful Reverant / Swooping Falcon / Raising Steel) / We Lift as One

"An Pickaxe redesigned for combat against the Grineer and Infested, While Questionable against the Corpus, One must not ignore the tremendous damage that the simple Pickaxe has on the Battlefield. Comes Pre-Installed with it's custom stance, We Lift As One, giving more insight onto using the tool of a Pickaxe onto the precious ores that are your enemies' heads."

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