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This is going to be your best answer. The giant magazine, high accuracy, and easily maxed out mods make this the most available of the high end primary weapons. Flux Rifle, Dera, and Supra take considerably more time and effort to craft and Serration is an extremely expensive mod to take to max rank.


If you don't like the idea of a shotgun, or you insist on a short range primary, you could try the Hind. It has high damage per bullet and is fairly easy to control at range with similar crafting requirements to the Sobek.

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Lanka for taking out heavies and @ range.


Sobek just isnt as good as the Wraith, and you'll end up feeling always second best even after formas.


I'd recommend the Bronco (Dual or Prime) if you want a shotgun, and leave the primary as mid-long range (hence Lanka).

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Sobek for sure if you can tolerate shotguns.

Unless you are willing to spend some time making the Flux or Supra, the Sobek is one of the only weapons I can tolerate. I still have yet to try the Braton Prime.

I just couldn't use the Hek, Boltor, or Normal Braton, they just felt so weak. Haven't tried Gorgon, but I have this weird feeling it would feel weak.


Bows definitely felt powerful, but when it came to DPS charts, bows usually ended up with the lowest DPS.


I won't suggest Strun Wraith only because you said you won't, but also the fact that it felt so much more satisfying to unload on a group of enemies with the Sobek. I also noticed that the Sobek was (felt) superior to the Strun Wraith once modded, especially if potatoed and forma'd.

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Everyone seems to presume that clan tech weapons are too time consuming, but if they're an option you'd really be best off with the Flux Rifle. If they genuinely are not an option then I'd probably say either the Braton Prime (excellent non clan tech weapon, but rifle mods aren't as good as shotgun for end game content), or the Sobek.

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