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Archgun + Hysteria


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So I tried to use hysteria while holding an arcgun and I became invincible permanently but also became unable to do anything but move and aim, I could not:
- Use abilities (including hysteria and operator mode)
- Shoot or switch weapons
- Use gear
- Revive other people/pets

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This bug is probably limited to clients only. As a client, use Archgun launcher, then repeatedly try to use exalted ability as soon as possible, bug happens.

This problem happens to Excalibur's Exalted Blade. The difference is, can lose health.

As usual, the workaround to this bug is to do some known ways to get rid of "Ability in use" bug: jump into water or black bottomless pit, or go down and bleed out completely. I found that going to the doors to return to Fortuna/Cetus also get rid of ability in use bug.

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After further testing with the remaining exalteds, I found the bug is client side specific. 

Baruuk, all forms of Excal, Valkyr and Wukong all entered a state of can not affect the map but can be attacked with Valkyr staying immortal with no energy. 

However, the other 3 interact weirdly. 

Mesa pulls out your secondary instead of her Regulators and you shoot with that instead, with running out of ammo causing her to pull out your melee and not be able to melee with it. 

Titania pulls out your archgun and fires that instead with glitched animations and when you run out of ammo, Dex Pixia is re-equipped. 

Ivara is unaffected by the glitch interestingly enough, she pulls out Artemis Bow normally and thats it.

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