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Sorry to complain, but I am very annoyed of players loading up my screen some odd reason fortuna is the most laggy place and I don't want to go there of the crowds, because once I go in the players start loading in my screen and I don't want see other players, its ok see their name but it should be also optional just turn off and not see other players so the game doesn't lag hard.  Hard to respect the system now because of massive players come in and just...😑 its just too much of players being force to lump one another even after the mission is done and your group deiced go back in fortuna which the system will think put these players into the busy sever room which I don't like the lag that is number 1 thing player hate about as so I hope the dev resolved the issue by improving to make player warframe to be invisible or their tenno to be invisible so the game doesn't need to load the player that is in room accept for mission for they can show up at lest

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