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Thanks For Watching Prime Time #229!


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Thanks for tuning in!


Platinum Winners:



Mesa Prime Access Winners:




Greetings and Grofit Digital Winners:


Greetings and Grofit Handmade Winners:


Greetings and Grofit Honorable Mentions:


See you tomorrow for Devstream #121! Happy holidays, Tenno! 

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Last stream to watch for me this year, cant be online tomorrow on Devstream, still will watch the recap of course.

The hint with the Green light showing the elemental to use on the Orb Mother comes a little bit to late for me but surely will help a lot others.

Wanted to write that down in chat but we already were sent to the raid so i do it here: Hope everyone gifts to each other now close before christmas, and if its just a small decoration, its still nice for someone to have and that doesnt got any plat left. Already gifted and still will gift after this message, lets see how many more do the same. We surely get the counter up. Lets all gift together right?


Also: Someone was strangely quiet there this stream? No rage, no swearing, trying to keep calm. I wonder why? :D (Noooo im not making another mean comment about something like "maybe because underwater you couldnt here her" , no im not that mean :devil:)

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Hey, thanks for a great stream!

And guys, please don't let the vitriol over the latest release get to you too badly.

Your fans love you and the game, and we know from past experience that you'll work hard (presumably after the first of the year) to address the complaints.

I myself was rather disappointed with Fortuna Part 2, sure....most people are.  My girlfriend, who introduced me to the game, is actually avoiding Warframe in the meantime *until it's fixed."

And that's the key, DE team.  We are all confident that you will fix it.  We're not abandoning the game, and we're still buying Prime Access.  So please, enjoy your holidays, and after New Years, come back and look at the forums, and start addressing the various lists of umbrage and feedback from the contributing members of the community.  Don't feel like you need to run a special event like the Acolytes or Plague Star to keep people occupied over the holidays or to placate angry players...just give as much of your staff as possible time off, and come back fresh, and happy.

We play your game and have confidence in you because you've earned it over time.  Don't drive yourselves into the ground over all of this....not here at the weekend of Christmas.  Don't press.  Just rest, for your sake and for your fans who don't want you to start spiraling and burning out.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Pleasant Tennobaum to you all,

-From the Fans

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Congrats to the contest winners, well deserved!

I had planned to submit an entry to the contest as well, I even finished a card but didn't get it posted before the deadline, but that's okay. I still had fun making it and I've really missed that feeling. So I thought I would share it anyways, mostly to say thanks for the inspirations and happy holidays! 


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