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Suggestion for Warframe


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 In the five years that Warframe Has been out there has been a lot of glitches a has been out there has been a lot of glitches and bugs and not all of it is from the game. So my suggestion is that you sell Warframe to one of the bigger gaming companies. Despite the longevity of Warframe,  there’s so much that can be improved. Most notably, update of content and because I happen to be on Final Fantasy XIV atm, I’ll use it as an example. Now when Warframe gets a new content update, first PC (and now Nintendo Switch) get it, then everyone else a whole month or longer later. When Final Fantasy gets a new content update, everyone gets it at the same time (not accounting for time zone differences), and that’s because everyone plays together  whether they’re on PC, Mac, or PS4 and it has more Transferable  flexibility. Meaning you can start playing on console and more to PC and vice  versa. Just something to think about.

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