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Archgun Deployment


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For the love of all that is Warframe, bump your drops for the gravimag crafting.

Ill be damned if I am going to farm for 4 hours just to be able to craft a single gravimag. I played for something like 6 hours, and got a single set of atmo systems and a single set of repeller systems. The fact that it costs so damn much to craft this is ridiculous...

6 hours to craft a single attachment for a weapon (entirely RNG based) is absolutely ridiculous. 10 Gravs, 5 atmos, 2 repellers, thats just terrible for the current drop tables.


Edit; This is now the next day after posting this, and I realize how salty I am over this, I just want attention to this simply because even Vauban Oxium farming was easy as hell when compared to running a mission 300 times for a single drop. I played during the original Oxium days when things would drop 1 to 3 oxium instead of 8-12. I hard farmed Zephyr. This system is not ok, especially after you nerf every weapon against the profit taker. (and I can still delete the profit taker, Im mad on behalf of the newer players who just got dumped on because you decided the only helpful things you can bring need to be disabled.)


Edit 2; Just noticed something today, you can buy and equip a gravimag for 20 plat on your archweapon. In order to do this, go to your archwing and hit actions on your weapon - obviously not the one that already has a gravimag on it. Change your archwing weapon (not your heavy gun as you cant do that anyway), then go into upgrade, actions, install gravimag.

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Slightly less salty now
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