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Game (frame rate) freezes


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Hello.. my issue is here since around Fortuna has been launched into game.

Today for example gaming was pretty fine, until I entered Orb Vallis with a friend. My game lagged, had 8fps, many miliseconds of frame generate. Later into game had 30-40 fps but CONSTANT frame freezes.


When I came back from Orb Vallis (game calmed a bit on it) I've had.. 8fps on Fortuna instead.


After leaving Fortuna, had game frame freezes EVERYWHERE in the game, sudden frame rate drops every 5 seconds and high frame generate time, even on orbiter. Restarting game only fixed the problem (probably for the time being until I entered Orb Vallis again).


I play on asus vivobook, graphics card Nvidia geforce mx150, i5-8250u processor, win10 x64, all the recent system and graphic card updates, I play on low graphic settings with every option turned off.. 1980x1040 borderless fullscreen, didn't change settings during gaming.

Had the frame freeze problem with every next update, for half a week it calmed, and now it's back again with the new update.. This is super bad that I play on low graphics settings, and get all the issues despite that. I don't play on potato laptop and I always make sure to have all the recent drivers updates. Hope you look into this issue!

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