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Garuda ability bug


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My garuda was working just fine last night but today her abilities aren't functioning and from what I've read I'm experiencing the opposite problem from everyone else.

With her first ability it will ONLY let me use dread mirror and never channel the dread heart

With her ultimate it wont let me charge it at all, it just goes off instantly despite any input I attempt.

Am I missing something in the options or do I just need to wait on a bug fix?

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The way Garuda was initially released was bugged. It has been fixed to be the same as all other charge abilities in the game (like hydroid). Her dread heart (charge to channel energy for more damage) and talons (charge to increase diamater) are charge abilities as they were meant to be. I am not sure what your controller set up is but on the default setup if you hold R1 it brings up the power wheel in the bottom right corner of the screen if you hold the corresponding button it charges it. (X is power 1 dread mirror, triangle is power 4 seeking talons) the release of the button casts the power. I think in some rare cases the bugged way was more convenient, but i think overall she plays better with the charge mechanic. 

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