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Secondary Weapon concept: Hel Cycralist


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Codex entry:


Gifted with the Strain of the Helminth, this bio-mechanical sidearm can suffocate foes as easy as it can regenerate the Bio-organic munitions it fires.

  • Manufacturing requirements:
    • 50,000 Credits.
    • 1 Cycron
    • 4 Mutagen Mass
    • 50 mutagen sample
    • 45,000 nano spores
  • Statistics:
    • Mastery: 12
    • Slot: Secondary
    • Type: Pistol
    • Trigger Type: Auto
    • Ammo type: Pistol
    • Noise Level: Alarming
    • Fire rate: 9.0 Rounds per second
    • Accuracy: 86.0
    • Magazine Size: 60 Rounds per mag
    • Max Ammo: 60 Rounds
    • Reload Time: 1.4 s
    • Normal Attacks: Puncture b16.0, Impact b8.0, Gas b20.0
    • Crit Chance: 10%
    • Crit Multiplier: 1.6x
    • Status Chance: 34%
    • Ammo Cost: 1 round per shot
    • Polarities: Madurai PolNaramon PolNaramon Pol

Characteristics: (currently ongoing)

This Weapon deals primarily Gas b Gas Damage

  • Advantages:
    • High Puncture bPuncture & Innate Gas b Gas Damage -effective vs. Armor, Infested and Infested Flesh.
    • Highest Status Chance of all Automatic Secondaries.
      • Can Achieve 100% Status Chance with just 3 of either Scorch, Frostbite, Pistol Pestilence and/or Jolt.
      • Innate  Gas b Gas Damage produces clouds that inflict Toxin b Toxin Damage - effective vs. Flesh and Ferrite armor and ignores shielded and proto-shields.
    • Does not use ammo pickups; ammo regenerates over time.
      • Has a 1.4 second delay after the weapon stops firing before regenerating ammo.
        • Regenerates 30 ammo per second; takes 2 seconds to regenerate a fully depleted clip.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Innate  Gas b Gas Damage - less effective against flesh and cloned flesh. furthermore, Toxic ancients aura provides 80% damage reduction to  Gas b Gas and 100% to Toxin b Toxin.
    • Low Impact bImpact and no Slash bSlash damage - less effective vs. health and shields.
    • Low critical chance.
    • below average critical multiplier
    • slow recharge, takes longer to fully reload.
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