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Not a bug after all...


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I got 5... it should have been 15... these are the ones I did get:


5. Saryn

There is only 5 PAs ever where I didn't buy anything.

I've only ever purchased one main pack I can think of and that's Ember because back then there was no choice or separation - after that I only ever buy accessory packs and maybe 1 or 2 main packs. 

This is the list of noggles I did not receive desite owning the PA:


1. Loki
2. Nyx
3. Nova
4. Ash
5. Trinity
6. Vauban
7. Valkyr
8. Oberon
9. Zephyr
10. Mesa

I have all the accessories from these packs, and have never purchased a vault in my life. 

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16 minutes ago, Stormdragon said:

Based on [DE]Drew's reply on another topic it's not a bug, you only get a prime noggle for each prime pack containing a warframe bought, so prime accessories buyers aren't eligible for them.

I am just going to assume you're correct 😐 Weird.  

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To be fair, i've bought nearly every single prime accesories pack since Nyx prime (barring Valkyr, Banshee, Limbo and currently mesa) and still got only an ash prime noggle which i think may be related to the free prime with prime pack since it would be in line with Drew's reply.

Other than that, the best thing to do would be to remain calm since the script is currently running and there's a lot of accounts for it to check or simply send a ticket to support to find out what's going on even tough it may take a while to be responded.

14 minutes ago, (PS4)lagrue said:

Well that doesn't make sense because I didn't buy some of the 5 I received main packs with Warframes in them.  I never bought Banshee or Saryn, just their accessories.  

And to be fair - even if that is the case, mugging off accessory buyers would be well... distasteful.

I personally don't care about noggles, but i agree with the script counting only the 2 top tier packs being distasteful (assuming it's the case) since prime accessories buyers are supporters too and DE is suddenly adding more accessories to the old PA's which currently can't be obtained in any way.

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