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Rain on Plains of Eidolon makes the game visually unplayable.


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I have discussed rain on PoE and I was heavily critical about it with a friend arguing about how I can't see anything through it while he can barely notice the rain drops and we concluded that we must be seeing totally different things. We compared our screenshots and the difference was huge! He tried to reproduce this in settings but it was not possible and for me lowering the settings only resulted with an even worse result.

Here's what it looks like for me:




And here's what it looks like for him:


I'm running an A10-7850K processor with RX460 and he runs 6th gen Intel processor with a GTX960

Here's some Gyazo animated gifs if you thought static images were bad enough:



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I went into this topic thinking, "there's nothing wrong with the rain on the Plains. This person is just exaggerating the amou-OHMYGODWHAT??"

I don't envy DE having to work out why the two of you were seeing wildly different levels of rain effects, even with your basic video processor specs. Computers can be a tricky medium to determine what's wrong on, especially between multiple machines...!

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Imagine I've played this game since April and not once have I assumed something must've been bugged and wrong and I've been hunting for wisps like this even in the rain ...
Also that was the exact reaction of my friend aswell

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