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Cronus Drop Chance


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According to the Wiki page found here:https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Cronus the Cronus sword blueprint is only guaranteed to drop the first time you kill Vor on Tolstoj, however on future runs its drop chance decreases exponentially as of Update 7.8. I sold my Cronus blade years ago before I knew how Mastery Ranks worked, so it's one of the few weapons I have left to master. I've done countless runs attempting to reacquire this sword to no avail, and I'm afraid I'll never get it to drop again. I understand that this patch was put in place to prevent credit farming (which I think is ridiculous by itself if I'm being honest) but The Index is a thing now, so why is this still in place? I'd very much like to obtain this sword again, so if a patch to remove this drop rate nerf can be implemented, I would be very grateful.

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