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Nezha: Warding halo bug - Taking more damage than intended.


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I am posting this here, after I posted in performance sine people said performance is not where I post bugs relating to how a warframe ability performs ( logic), Anyway:


After Many tests I have concluded that nezha's Warding halo actually takes 3 times the amount of damage it should, 


An example for  context:


 Shooting an Ogris at the floor under me deals 180 damage to my shields ( ogris has no mods) Nezha mods are as follows: Redirection, Primed Vigor, Augur Accord ( all max rank).


 With my halo on, I take 18 damage ( 180 / 10 = 18 so this makes sense)

My halo ( base halo of 1497) goes to 837, (540 damage taken to halo)

to check if this is correct, I repeated from the halo I had 837,  I took 18 to shields,  but the halo took 540 down to 357.

 I shot once again to the ground ( I should be taking 180 to the halo but I am not),  the 357 halo is completely removed and I take a total of 73 damage.


this means that the halo is not successful in reducing the damage I take by 90% if any damage that it takes exceeded more than 1/3 of the remaining health of the halo.


if we assume I should be taking 18 damage form the ogris shot as stated ( 180/10)  then  73 - 18  = 55 more damage that I took.


So inconclusion: My nezha halo takes 3x the damage inflicted, 

The absorption multiplier at base is 2.5x, which is 0.5x more than the damage it takes, meaning that the halo is not as  resilient as it is supposed to be, I was wondering why I kept randomly dying when I should clearly have enough damage reduction, and this is why, it isn't reducing  any damage that deals more than 1/3 of the remaining health. so if you have 3k shield exactly,  1050 damage taken will mean you   take  ( 1050 / 10) + 50

meaning 155 damage taken.

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