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New call points, not appearing - 'false' markers on the map


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Ticket: #1546902

Been having this since the 3 new preservation species came out.
And it is so frequent, it causes some agitation.
Especially when you consider that feel to finally be happy about capturing these types.
Combined with moments where one might be short on time, and wants at least a few captures.

Anyway, to the bug;
New call spots, often aren't there at all now.
There is no indication if it is up or down.
So you get to search every little nook and cranny.
Spending ludicrous long times, looking for something, that is a dud.

Even as you equip the synthesis scanner.
This at least shows call points through any matter.
And when something 'scannable' (call points) is near, you hear it bleep slightly.
But when your synthesis scanner doesn't even make sound, it means there is nothing there.

Searched high and low, inside the cave, back outside.
According to the marker, it should be here, but there's nothing.

And not just this location.
I've encountered numerous empty 'I got fooled around' spots all over the map.
And it is, sorry to say, but it's a bit aggravating.

Especially when you finally get a horrasque, and it can't be tranqed due to being underground.
And your next spot on the map, then turns out to be yet another dud.

An icon of how high they are positioned to you, would also be welcome.
Especially for places where there's 3 different heights of extended rock, layered upon eachother on the same marked spot.
And none of these, eventually have a call point either.

Issue is reproducible, too much even


Images left out of post for now (included in ticket though).
these allways turn to plain text lately after a few days.

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