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Network not responding at the end of missions


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Since 1st of December, I have been encountering network connectivity issues ONLY when retiring from a mission (at the extraction reward screen). I have lost countless amounts of XP, resources and whatnot to this and its getting way worse, every other mission I get this bug, It has gotten to the point where I stopped playing warframe because there is no way I can safely level-up or collect resources.

Warframe is the only game I am having issues with, all others work just fine. I have restarted my router countless times and tried all the methods listed on the warframe support page for this issue.

Is this on my end or are there other tenno experiencing this torment?


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Same here, i don't encountered this problem in normal mission, but instead, in eidolon hunting. 

After i clear 3 stages of eidolon capturing, i lose connection with my host, and i loss everything. Pointless fight. 

I hope DE can find a way to save our items we get during our mission, even we lose connection, we can still get what we get. 


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